Kitchen Knife Update – More pics

Box Elder Burl with Mosaic

Black G10 with mosaic

Black G10 with mosaic

As promised, some additional images. I’ll take some more of the box elder once I clear coat it, since the tones will shift a bit in the process. It’s a lovely piece of wood. The strong contrast is because the piece was dyed to enhance the burl pattern.

The G10 knife is available and ready to go. The G10 makes an excellent kitchen knife handle since it’s almost indestructible and won’t be phased by most cleaners or repeated dunkings in hot water. The box elder, once clearcoated, is durable but is still not as indestructible as G10. Think Acura NSX versus Honda Accord. One doesn’t handle getting banged around as well but has a lot more visual appeal. The other is your daily driver that regardless of conditions.

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