Burl pics

My burl showed up this afternoon so here’s a quick snap to give a general view of what’s available right now. These are meant for the kitchen knives but I will probably have at least one spare set for something else.

There are two sets of the green and black/gold and one set of the reddish brown. These are professionally stabilized pieces of wood that will hold up to use in the kitchen. I wouldn’t run them through the dishwasher but that’s more to avoid getting bashed around, the same reasons apply to throwing them in a drawer with a bunch of other hard and sharp objects. Knife blocks or other individual storage methods are the appropriate way to house good knives.

Burl wood

A not so great shot of the burl for upcoming kitchen knives.



One thought on “Burl pics

  1. All that’s left is one set of box elder and one set of the green. I will have one santoku and one traditional germanic chef’s knife available. If no one else makes a request my plan is to put box elder on the germanic and the green on the santoku (it reminds me of traditional green tea).

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