More Burl

No pics for this group, sorry. I had to purchase a second set of madrone to make sure I had a pair for a customer and decided it made sense to get a couple more sets at the same time, shipping is flat rate and it will get used soon enough anyway.

Other than the madrone, which is spoken for, I added some Tasmanian Eucalyptus┬áBurl that is very light on one end and highly figured and biased dark on the other end. I figure it’ll make a nice contrast, sort of a natural bolster look. I also picked up one set of fiddleback Jarrah, which is one of those woods that doesn’t jump right out at you but has a subtle beauty all its own. This is a fairly dark wood with a wave pattern running lengthwise along with the fiddleback pattern vertically. It should be a very pretty handle for anything from a kitchen knife to a large field knife. I’m not sure how well a small handle will show off the figure of this wood, it really needs a substantial surface area to show off.

I’ll see about pics of the two available blocks tomorrow. I’m helping a friend move this afternoon and evening.

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