First Three Kitchen Knives

Here’s the first batch of three. All pre-sold, and I apologize for the lousy image quality. The light was terrible outside and I don’t have time today to setup the real lighting equipment. Two of the next three are not pre-sold so I’ll definitely be taking nice photos of them to show off the wood. The blades are actually fairly shiny. Not a high gloss mirror finish, but bright.

Based on the first image, starting at the top, the handle materials are stabilized box elder burl, stabilized and dyed maple burl and double black G10.

The next set of three includes two that are going to be available for sale. Both will be the standard chef’s blade and I have one each box elder, green maple and tasmanian eucalyptus burl available. The Tas. is similar to box elder but darker and more brown rather than grey and cream.

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