The Lycaon, short for Canis Lupus Lycaon, is my mid sized general duty field knife. It’s a drop point design suited for a variety of roles and has been made in several sizes, thicknesses and handle configurations.

Red White and Blue Lycaon

The original Lycaon, in patriotic colors

Cord Wrapped Lycaon

A cord wrapped and acid blackened Lycaon

Shadow Lycaon

The first Shadow Lycaon

2011 KITH Lycaon

2011 Bladeforums KITH Lycaon

Ghost Jade Green Lycaon

Large Lycaon w/Ghost Jade Green G10 handles

Jade Green Lycaon Two

A smaller version of the Ghost Jade Green Lycaon

Shadow Lycaon Three

The first double bevel Lycaon

Wolfhound Number 1

The first Wolfhound

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